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Worry Free Hair

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Worry Free means...

To be free of concern over toxic additives, questionable manufacturing practices or ineffective ingredients. Each and every product delivers safe, vegan, cruelty free formulas free of harmful parabens, phthalates, sulfates and gluten. All thoroughly dermatologist tested, clinically tested and hypoallergenic. We develop and craft our products consciously aware of our carbon footprint, using wholesome ingredients and certified organic extracts.

...it's as simple as that. 


“Yes yes yes!”

I LOVE this shampoo!! It’s one of the only truly worry free shampoos your can get in a grocery store and I actually only know of 1 other brand in stores that doesn’t have any synthetic fragrance (parfum) added! Finally! It has a mild, warm citrus smell to it and it makes my hair feel clean and full/healthy. I also like that it comes in a pump bottle. Definitely will purchasing this shampoo and also hope to try their conditioner as well. —Jjhsco

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100% Vegan

All our products are made with all vegan ingredients as well as being cruelty free. 


Dermatologist Tested 

All our products have been dermatologist tested and are hypoallergenic. Great for your hair and safe on sensitive skin! 


Sulfate Free

We want you to have great hair. Our products are free of harsh sulfates that can strip away hair's natural strength and moisture.

now you know what you are missing out on. 

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