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The Defining Issue of our Time



Being human means releasing planet-warming carbon emissions into the atmosphere. It happens when we take a shower, charge our phones, or let out a yawn after a long day. Just like humans release carbon pollution, so do businesses - and Original Sprout is no exception.

Every day in the U.S. alone, e-commerce packages travel about the same distance as going to the moon and back ...133,000 times. Online shopping has transformed retail. Unfortunately, it’s also impacting the environment, and not for the better. Having an order conveniently delivered to your doorstep is a major contributor to climate change.


We’re on a Mission

As Original Sprout (OS) continues to grow, we have an increasing responsibility to commit additional resources toward our values in order to maximize the positive impact of our products. At Original Sprout, we have long held the conviction that we can be both a great business and a great corporate citizen. In fact, we believe we cannot be one without the other.

Corporate social responsibility is cemented in our DNA because we believe deeply in making the world a better place.


What Original Sprout is Doing:

We’re taking a stand and doing something about it. 

We’re one of the few e-commerce brands to offset 100% of our carbon emissions from shipping. This achievement is the result of an effort to measure our global footprint in accordance with international certification standards, coupled with efforts to reach carbon neutrality.

For every one of our amazing items that ships, we now balance it with a positive environmental impact thanks to our partner, EcoCart. The full environmental impact of getting your favorite OS products to your door is completely neutralized.

This initiative comes at no additional cost to our customers. It simply comes with the satisfaction of knowing that shopping at Original Sprout means positively impacting the planet.

We’re even going a step further by offering climate positive orders. This means when you checkout, you’ll have the ability to double the positive environmental impact by doubling the amount of carbon being offset, creating a net positive result.

So now you’ll know when an OS package arrives at your door, you’ll get something you love and you’ll be proud of the fact that you’re taking a small step towards making a big change in the world.

The current initiative Original Sprout is supporting via EcoCart is the Katingan Peatland Restoration and Conservation Project in Indonesia. ‘The Katingan Project’ protects and restores 149,800 hectares of peatland ecosystems, to offer local communities sustainable sources of income, and to tackle global climate change.