I know we can all agree when I say there’s no better feeling than that post-long shower feeling. That squeaky clean feeling is almost unbeatable, as long as you're doing your routine right. And I know what you're thinking, how can you do a shower wrong? Trust me...you can. Why not use amazing products to accentuate your shower? Believe me when I say you’ll be feeling like a million bucks after this start-to-finish routine. Read along while I give you each step!


Set That Ambiance!

I already know what you’re thinking...but let me explain! Having a relaxing environment while showering can do wonders in your routine. I can honestly tell you that when I skip this step, my shower isn’t nearly as relaxing. What I love to do is light a couple candles and play my favorite relaxing Spotify playlist. A playlist I've been loving right now is called “This Is Relaxing Music Therapy” on Spotify, go give it a listen! If you’re more of a bubble-bath kind of person, spruce that up as well! Invest in a cute bath tray to lay your hot cup of tea, book, magazine, anything that you like to use/do during your luxurious bath time. Some of my favorite bath trays are from Etsy.com, click on this link to find which one would be perfect for you! Water pressure is also a big one when talking about anything shower or bath related. I invested in a nicer shower head about a year ago--and I’m telling you, I am never going back. It is truly the little things that make the biggest difference, these small little add-ons will make for that lush bath or shower routine. Make it extra girl!


Deep Container

Picking Your Bathing Products

Products are extremely important, much more important than setting a relaxing ambiance (up for negotiation). It is crucial to make sure you are using healthy products that will make your skin and hair happy. Start off with a good base--shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Find the ones that fit for you and make sure to check that ingredient list! Original Sprout’s Classic Shampoo and Deep Conditioner is made of natural, vegan ingredients that will leave your hair moisturized and shiny. Same goes for that body wash. Pick one that won’t make you feel like a grease-monster or a snake shedding its skin. You want to feel clean, soft, and ready to take on the day (or that night’s sleep). BUT WAIT, it doesn’t stop there! Spoil your skin and hair with some extra goodies to amp up that clean feeling. Grab that body butter, hair oil, whatever you please and lather up! Our Worry Free Hair Oil will help tame that frizz and boost shine without feeling build up. 

Bathing Products

Now you're ready! These small steps are worth making when it comes to self-care. With the holidays in full swing, it is so crucial to take the small bits of time for yourself–and why not make them extravagant?!

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