"Self-care is how you take your power back" - Lala Delia

I’m sure all of us can agree that Valentine's Day is a day we circle on our calendar with a bunch of little hearts, or a day we avoid at all costs–there's no in between. I used to hate Valentine's Day with every fiber of my being because it seemed like I never had that special someone to go out to dinner with, or receive pretty red roses from. I used to get so upset over it and felt like I was unloved and that it was quite literally the dumbest day out of the year. But then I changed my perspective and realized that I didn't need anyone to make this day feel special, I didn't need someone to tell me my worth. Now here I am years later, and that day is circled on my calendar again. Read along and see the steps I took to change my perspective on Valentines Day–and trust me if I could, you can to!



Fill Up Your Cup

I know, I know. We have all heard about taking care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else–but that one statement has truly changed my life. Doing small things for myself and taking that extra me-time has altered my life in the best ways possible. For me, I make sure to give myself a night routine that I look forward to. This includes a totally-extra shower (candles, music, the whole nine yards), hair and skin care routine, watching my favorite show, and maybe eating an entire Domino’s pizza to myself. Doing these steps makes me happy and reminds me that taking care of myself is so important. For example, I have always been obsessed with everything hair related. I remember stealing my mom's hair oils and heat tools and really anything I knew how to use. So flash forward, I'm still obsessed with hair. I make sure to do my entire hair care routine and give my hair all the love it deserves, and right now I am living for our Worry-Free Collection. I start off with our Worry-Free Shampoo and Conditioner, then after my shower I go in with the Leave-In, Hair Oil, and Restoring Mist. Now, this definitely isn't for everyone. If hair is the last thing on your mind, find a skin-care routine you love. It may seem so simple, but I promise you it's a perfect way to show yourself some love. Romanticizing the small things in your day like taking a shower can help to really be with yourself in that moment and make those small moments memorable. And listen, don’t stop here. Throw on your cute matching PJ set, order your favorite take-out, and put on that feel-good movie you’ve been dying to watch. Give yourself a little date, one that you don’t have to stress over or put on make-up for (those kinds of dates are great too, but we're talking self care here). You’ll soon start to notice that filling your cup a little more day by day will truly make a difference, and at the end of the day you must be 100% comfortable with yourself–that is the most important thing.

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Fuel Your Body

Now, this one is just as important as filing your cup. The things you put into your body as well as use on your body is so crucial to pay attention to. It's 2022, throw out those products that have those annoyingly long words that you can’t even pronounce. Use clean and safe products that won’t give your body any harsh side effects, or ruin your skin and hair (I am a victim of this, i'll admit). I remember when I used to use skin products FILLED with harsh and toxic chemicals–and I still wondered why my skin wasn’t getting better. Those products irritated my skin more than you can think of, not to mention they cost just about my entire life savings. Once I made the switch to vegan and clean products, that's when I started noticing a difference in my skin. It wasn’t as red or dry and I actually became confident to leave the house without makeup. The holy grail product I have been using for my face and body is our Hair & Body Babywash. This product is extremely gentle and has all vegan ingredients–exactly what my skin was needing! Also, this product works great for hair as well! Now, let's talk about things you're putting into your body. I am definitely not one to lie about my fair share of In-N-Out runs, but I make sure to have a good balance implemented. During the week I make sure to make my lunches at home (sandwiches, pasta, wraps), and I’ll splurge on the weekend. It is so important to remember that you do not need to fully restrict yourself (unless you want to), and it is totally okay to spoil yourself every now and then. For me, I think of it as an award on the weekends after completing another 40 hour work week. It is something I truly look forward to and I will never deprive myself of that. Another very important habit I’ve been still trying to master is drinking enough water. Yes, the most basic tip anyone could give you–but I had to throw it in, okay? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate–this has been my mantra for 2022. Drinking water doesn’t only help your health–but your hair, skin, nails, and so many other things I can’t even list them. Drink up ladies! Your body should be your absolute best friend, so treat it like it deserves to be treated! It took me so long to learn this and now that I have, let me tell you, I am never going back.


Now that you’ve learned a couple ways to start caring for yourself more, let's make this Valentine’s Day all about loving ourselves. Of course spend that special time with your loved ones or your significant other, but be sure to not leave your needs in the dust. And for my ladies who are taking themselves out on a date this Valentine’s Day, make it extravagant! You should never, and I mean never, feel sorry about taking all the extra time for yourself. You deserve it!



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