Back to School Essentials

Don’t let the weather fool you, summer is quickly coming to an end! There is arguably no greater proof of this fact than seeing schools start up and students returning to their classrooms. This is a busy time for most people, and whether you’re going back to school yourself, preparing your kids each morning for the day ahead, or (like us) looking forward to less crowded beach days, we hope there is a little something in this blog for you!

Leaving the House

It doesn’t matter if you’re only in charge of one head of hair in the morning, or several, dealing with unruly hair can be a painful step in getting out of the house. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! At, we have a whole host of products specifically created to help treat, calm and style hair of all types.

Our Leave-in Conditioner is made with nourishing emollients and arnica for split ends, making it ideal for detangling and eliminating frizz from damaged hair. Apply a dime-sized amount onto ends to enjoy ultra-soft, moisturized tresses. When it comes to styling, take your pick from our Classic Finishing Mist (light hold), Classic Styling Balm (firm hold), or Classic Hair Gel (medium hold). While our finishing mist works quickly to set hair and give a light hold, it’s also fantastic at helping to add volume and texture when sprayed on wet hair that’s left to air dry in a braid or bun. Meanwhile, our styling balm and hair gel offer a range of hold and security for both wet and dry hair. Finally, we have our Classic Curl Calmer, which leaves natural curls and waves feeling silky and bouncy. Ingredients including jojoba and cucumber moisturize all types of curls and add a glossy sheen. Rosemary extract boosts scalp circulation which helps growth and prevents breakage. Ideal for delicate, dry or brittle waves and curls.

Backpacks and Lunchboxes

While spending a bit of extra money to get nice backpacks and lunchboxes might seem crazy, just wait and hear us out. These are staple, must-have items for anyone attending school, so why not buy a higher quality version that will last for years, rather than cycling through multiple cheap options in the same span of time? Swedish company Fjallraven offers a variety of high quality backpacks of various sizes, and offers free shipping on orders over $75, check out their selection here! These Yeti lunch bags are extremely durable and keep food fresh for hours, because who wants a soggy lunch?

Combatting the Heat and the Sun

If you didn’t know, we are headquartered in Southern California, and as our earlier comments indicated, nobody told the weather that summer is supposed to be ending. With that in mind, it is essential to stay hydrated and protected from the sun, especially when taking part in sports or other outdoor activities. Our Face & Body Sunscreen is perfect for keeping your skin safe, and fits very easily into any size backpack. Additionally, these Camelbak bottles are great for young kids to stay hydrated, and for those a little older, Yeti also offers a variety of insulated stainless steel water bottles to keep water cold for hours.

Staying Healthy

With so many schools returning back to fully in person classrooms, staying healthy is imperative to a successful learning experience. Our 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan Hand Sanitizer is a great alternative to washing your hands with soap and water, but this is just one step of many. These KN95 masks are great for kids, and they offer adult versions as well! Additionally, these COVID-19 tests can be delivered to your house to ensure easy and quick regular testing!


There’s a lot that goes into a new school year, and whether you’re going yourself or sending your kids, nobody would blame you for feeling a little overwhelmed! Hopefully this blog provided some helpful options to cope with crazy hair and ensure you have the right basic tools to have a great school year!

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