5 Digital Resources for Healthy Living

When you head to your local grocery or beauty store, you’ll likely find aisles packed to the brim with items claiming to be “organic” or “natural.” After all, it’s cool to offer eco-friendly packaging and so-called clean ingredients in 2023. 

At first glance, these items may seem to be healthy and safe, but a closer look at the labels can quickly tell a different story. With so many false claims and generic labels, it’s incredibly difficult for consumers to find trustworthy products to use at home. 

Fortunately, there are a variety of digital resources available to help you make informed decisions by simply using a smartphone. At Original Sprout, we’re big advocates for learning more about the complex ingredients and certifications of popular beauty products. 

To help you become a safer, smarter shopper, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best health apps to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Try one of these out the next time you’re not sure about a beauty or hygiene product. 

1) Yuka 

First up is Yuka, a mobile app designed to help you evaluate the quality of food and cosmetic products. Users can instantly scan a barcode and find an assessment of its health impact. The app categorizes products into four categories, ranging from “Excellent” to “Poor,” and provides a detailed breakdown of ingredients. 

Perhaps most importantly, Yuka highlights ingredients that are potentially harmful, as well as positive ingredients. It even recommends healthier alternatives to harmful products. 

Yuka is arguably one of the best health apps on the market because it is fully independent. This means there are no ads and no influences from brands or manufacturers. The app’s business model is built on ethical, responsible financing models to ensure it remains independent for years to come. 

Many other apps are heavily influenced by the brands they partner with, so Yuka provides a truly unbiased alternative. You can trust that its information is objective and accurate. 

2) OnSkin

Skincare products can be particularly difficult to evaluate, since most of us aren’t well-versed in obscure ingredients and what’s safe (or not). Not only is it difficult to find products without harmful ingredients, but we now know that different skin types need different products in order to thrive. 

OnSkin is an app that’s designed to address all of these issues with the help of AI technology. Simply scan the barcode on your beauty products to get a comprehensive safety score that combines information from expert dermatologists and a sophisticated AI algorithm. 

You’ll also fill in your skincare profile to get recommendations based on your needs. If you have questions, ask the AI cosmetologist to get instant answers. 

OnSkin has a comprehensive database and frequently updates its algorithms and recommendations based on the latest research. Like Yuka, OnSkin does not partner with any brands to ensure that its recommendations remain unbiased. 

3) Think Dirty 

Think Dirty is an app that allows users to scan the barcodes of makeup, skincare products, and household cleaning items. It’s hugely popular with over half a million monthly active users around the globe. 

With a single scan, you’ll get a straightforward rating of the product’s ingredients and their potential effect on your health. The app also allows you to shop for safe alternative products. Additionally, Think Dirty runs a monthly subscription box that features a selection of clean beauty products. 

However, it’s important to note that Think Dirty’s ingredient database is quite small in comparison to those of some other apps. This means that its ratings may not be as comprehensive. Additionally, Think Dirty does partner with certain brands, which means its recommendations are not wholly unbiased. 

So, if you use this app, take its recommendations with a grain of salt. 

4) Good Face

Good Face is a powerful new software program that leverages AI technology to help beauty brands and manufacturers create cleaner, safer products. The brand is also the creator of one of the best health apps available, which uses similar technology to help users find trustworthy skincare products and build a routine that works for their needs. 

With the Good Face app, users answer a questionnaire about their skin type, current skincare habits, preferences, and long-term goals. The app then recommends a regimen of clean beauty products accordingly. Users can also browse an extensive library of clean beauty product recommendations and even research specific ingredients. 

5) Supergreat 

Supergreat is a resource for makeup lovers who want to have fun while building a healthy beauty routine. On this app, a large community of beauty enthusiasts host live streams where they review new products, share their beauty routines, and host makeup tutorials. 

While this app doesn’t rate the safety and cleanliness of beauty products, it’s still a helpful tool for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Many creators on the app will talk about a product’s ingredients during their live streams, and some creators focus entirely on clean makeup products. 

In other words, Supergreat makes it easy to find exciting new products and switch up your beauty routine. 

Let Us Be Your Healthy Skin and Healthcare Resource

Finding reliable and healthy products to add to your routine is tricky, but using these digital resources makes the process less daunting. The more information you have about your products and the ingredients in them, the easier it is to choose reliable options. 

At Original Sprout, we don’t want you to have to question our products. 

That’s why we only offer sustainable, vegan, and non-toxic hair care products for the entire family. Our products are made in California and clinically tested at independent labs to create soft, healthy hair without the unhealthy chemicals. 

To learn more, please check out our full product line. You can also read about our company’s mission.

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