Packaging Update

Original Sprout Packaging Update

It’s time for an update. The Classic Collection is your same, favorite products from the Natural Family Collection just with a fresh, updated look. Have no fear— zero changes have been made to our formulas! We still use the same natural extracts and vegan ingredients you all know and love. As we grow as a brand, we want to evolve our messaging toward the things that matter: transparency, effectiveness, safety, and lab-tested products.

So, why the name change?

We're glad you asked. The reason why we changed the name of our Natural Family Collection is quite simple— "natural" just isn’t good enough. At Original Sprout, we strive to give you the safest, most effective products that are beneficial to your overall health and for the environment, instead of giving our consumers a loose, overarching term that could be interpreted in many different ways. The most important thing on our priority list is that we are transparent with our customers and that we are what we say we are. Our high performance hair and skincare products are vegan, dermatologist tested and have undergone patch testing to prove that our formulas are not just gentle on sensitive skin but are actually proven to be non-toxic formulas. We strive to give you the best products that have everything you want, and nothing you don't. Safe and effective for the whole family.

We chose the name Classic Collection to pay homage to the collection of products that started it all. These products have not changed and will continue to be products that are trusted by moms and stylists alike.