Original Sprout Receives Baby Innovation Award, Conditioner Product of the Year

Original Sprout Receives Baby Innovation Award, Conditioner Product of

Original Sprout, a leading brand in safe, vegan hair and skin products for the whole family, has been named Baby Innovation Award’s 2022 Conditioner product of the year. 

Independent innovation awards is an independent, privately-owned organization that focuses on finding and recognizing the leaders in the most competitive categories of the Baby Care market, including Bath and Diapers, Health Products, Nursing and Feeding, Clothes, Toys and Learning, Car Seats, Strollers and Nursery.

As the volume of Baby Care products continues to expand, Original Sprout has prevailed as a leader in the market dating back to its founding in 2003. Recently, Original Sprout’s Deep Conditioner has been named Baby Innovation’s 2022 Conditioner Product of the Year, codifying Original Sprout’s status as a leader in the Baby Care market. 

“We are excited to be officially named a leader in the Baby Care space,” said Michael Ambacher, General Manager of Original Sprout. “With so many products on the market, we are glad that Original Spout provides products that parents know are safe to use on their babies.”

The Deep Conditioner is part of Original Sprout’s Classic Collection. The Classic Collection consists of 10 effective and non-toxic products that are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, soy, gluten, honey, peanuts, and dairy. 

Original Sprout’s Classic Collection is available for purchase at originalsprout.com in addition to Original Sprout’s Tahitian and Worry Free collections. 

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Original Sprout was founded in 2003 and has grown to be the leading and trusted collection of shampoos, conditioners, styling, and body care products that are safe for the entire family. Started with the vision of keeping families and those with sensitive skin safe from harmful and toxic ingredients. Each product is formulated with integrity by including nourishing & protective extracts from fruits, vegetables, and flowers, excluding irritants such as parabens or phthalates. Effective and clean family products that everyone can trust! Find more information about our company and our mission at: https://originalsprout.com/