New Products We Love For New Parents

I’ve come across some great products recently that I wanted to share for new parents, and gift ideas for parents with new babies. All of these items are geared toward care for a new baby, whether via helping new moms and dads to gently cleanse and care for their infant with safe and effective bathing and grooming products, helping babies to sleep in a state of calm, or to promote bonding with parents reading together… all these products can be used to encourage bonding and we love them for this reason. Enjoy spending time caring for your child, bathing them, combing their hair, taking naps together with soothing environmental sounds, and reading sweet books together ♥︎


Bundle of Joy from Original Sprouts

The Bundle of Joy gift set from Original Sprout is a complete product line for new parents that includes everything from full size hair and body wash, shampoo, deep conditioner, detangler, and styling balm, to a bath towel, cradle cap comb, hand towel, diaper pin, and a fabric basket with rope handles to store everything together. It’s a great baby shower gift, and looks beautiful on a dresser in the nursery. It’s available in two sizes, and these images are of the Deluxe Bundle:



Original Sprout was started 20 years ago to bring safe and effective products parents can trust, and are made in California, USA without parabens and phthalates, or even lavender and tea-tree oil (which have been linked to hormone disruption in children- I did not know this!). The products are vegan and non-toxic and products can be used by anyone in the family.

The complete product list in this gift set can be found here (there are also great extras such as baby cream, a wash towel, and a lip balm included, and if your baby has lots of hair, you may find the curl tamer or leave in conditioner helpful… it really has everything for happy bath time, diaper changes, and making baby super cute and cuddly after). After using the products, I can share that the Scrumptious Baby Cream smells divine, the Leave In Conditioner tamed my frizzies beautifully without weighing my hair down at all, and the vanilla lip moisturizer is soothing and smells great. All the products are amazing, both for kids and adults (my sons are loving the Classic Styling Balm- a little to style their hair, and more to get it to stay spiky) and very effective… a great Mother’s Day gift idea.

iLive Sound Machine

This little gadget is less than 4 inches in diameter, but it offers 25 different sounds such as rain, sea waves, a campfire, the sound of a river, a fan, instruments, and various types of white noise/pink noise/brown noise to customize your auditory environment as you drift off to sleep. It does a great job of drowning out noise that would ruin a good night’s sleep, and it really sets the mood to help relax your kids (the campfire sound is so cozy, my favorite by far- I imagine sitting by a fire as we read our bedtime stories and it’s amazing.

The iLive Sound Machine also features a light system with multiple colors (I tend to prefer the warmer colors to aid in falling asleep, but the colors range across the entire Roy G Biv spectrum, a pastel rainbow of options to help your child who needs a light on to fall asleep surrounded by the color that soothes them. The ten color options can be adjusted for brightness (it can be pretty bright so we found ourselves using the softest brightness and sometimes just using the sound feature alone) and the overall aura of light and immersive sound in one tiny gadget is a great tool for parents. It’s easy to carry this noise machine along while traveling, and it takes up very little space on a nightstand. There is also a sleep timer that can be set hourly from between one and four hours, or continuous throughout the night.

Our favorite sounds: the crackling campfire, ocean waves, a babbling brook, the sound of rain on a window, and gentle piano music. If you have a hard time sleeping, alpha waves have been recommended for insomniacs (to help them fall asleep and achieve a deeper level of sleep and longer REM stages) and the iLive Sound machine has this as well.




Also for new parents, books to read to their babies for wonderful bonding time!

New Children’s Book

We love ZonderKids books so much, they encourage connection and teach children that they are important and matter (and of course, you show this to your children when you take the time to read to them each night). We love these new finds: