Styling Baby and Toddler Hair

When it comes to choosing products for your baby or toddler, only the best will suffice. It’s likely that your little one is already putting up a fight when you reach for that shampoo bottle, so choosing a safe product that won’t irritate their skin in the slightest is half the battle. Original Sprout’s gentle Hair & Body Babywash and Ultra Soothing Deep Conditioner use natural moisturizers to help keep our children’s delicate hair and skin healthy and soft, resulting in a stress-free Mommy and Daddy!

No Hair, Don’t Care!

Babies born with hair will likely experience some hair loss in the first few months of life, often resulting in some styling challenges and not to mention, hilarious photo opportunities. Don’t fret! As we find with most stages of childhood development, “This too shall pass.”

By age one, if not earlier, our baby’s hair usually begins a normal growth cycle. New hair may have a mind of its own at first, possibly resulting in the cutest come-over you’ve ever seen! This sporadic growth is due to the chemical structure of the hair in the formation stage. Our Natural Hair Balm was created to safely and gently transform frizzy, baby fly-aways and cowlicks into adorable baby styles. Even barrettes stay in place with our family-friendly Hair Balm.

Take the gentle approach

Your baby is already perfect, so the gentlest cleansing and styling routine is the cherry on top to help protect their health and beauty from the beginning. We suggest using a gentile and soothing shampoo/baby wash combo like the Original Sprout Hair and Body Baby Wash that gently cleanses away dirt and excess oils without drying skin or tangling hair. Follow with the baby-friendly Original Sprout Deep Conditioner to help protect the hair and make for tangle-free brushing. Our products are fit for the whole family so, everyone can enjoy baby soft skin!

Styling tips

Before brushing, spritz on the Original Sprout Miracle Detangler which makes combing a breeze and styling a pleasure for everyone. The Original Sprout Natural Hair Gel helps hold the little frizzies and fly-away’s that all babies and toddlers get. This hair gel also protects new and delicate hair from breakage and leaves hair soft, silky and tame…never stiff or crunchy. With its extra conditioning properties, the Original Sprout Curl Calmer transforms frizzy curls into silky, soft ringlets. Finally, the Original Sprout Natural Styling Balm is perfect for short hairs—especially fragile, breakable hairs that are found across the hairline.