It’s Not Easy Being Green... Especially If You’re Blonde

Shades of green are taking the home decor and fashion scenes by storm. Currently the color trend of the season, this striking hue is making its appearance all over from clothing, to accessories, to bold beauty looks—especially hair color! However, regardless of if you’re interested in tapping into your edgy fashionista alter ego, green swimmer’s hair is never a treasured beauty trend or the solution to creating this bold look. The green tinge known as swimmer’s hair is caused by chemicals in swimming pools, most commonly copper, which has been oxidized by chlorine and bound to the hair. Luckily, we have some easy ways to prevent, treat and reverse the process.


Before swimming, thoroughly dampen hair in the shower and apply Original Sprout's Leave-In Conditioner or Tahitian Hair Oil. This shields the cuticle with moisture and prevents chemicals from bonding to your hair. After swimming, shampoo & condition with one of our Shampoos and Conditioners for silky, hydrated, green-free hair.


For the “Homemade Beauty Buff:” Anti-Green Swimmer's Paste is one effective treatment that can be utilized for all hair types. This homemade elixir is made with a few crushed aspirin tablets, baking soda and warm water. Wash your hair with our Natural Shampoo. Apply the paste to your damp hair. After 5 minutes rinse thoroughly and finish with our Deep Conditioner to restore moisture and shine.

For the “Detox Diva:” A Weekly Green Detox may be the perfect route for you. Start by dissolving a few aspirin in a cup of warm water and work through damp hair after shampooing with our Natural Shampoo. Let your lovely locks sit for a few minutes and then proceed to rinse thoroughly. Always condition after treatments or hair can become dry and coarse. Using our Leave-In Conditioner post detox is especially useful to restore softness, moisture & shine.

For the “DIY Aficionado:” Make your own anti-chlorine shampoo. The active ingredient in many swimmer’s shampoos is sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). You can make your own by mixing our Hair and Body Baby Wash with baking soda. Five minutes with this do-it-yourself mix will leave your hair feeling amazing! Acting as a deep cleanse, this mix will help to lift away mineral deposits & rid of that stubborn green tint leaving your hair healthy and revitalized. Remember to always follow shampooing with a UV-based conditioner like our Natural Leave-In Conditioner in order to achieve a brilliant, silky mane.

An important rule of thumb (or rule of hair?) to remember is that unprotected dry hair is like a sponge. Each strand readily absorbs chemicals, making it more likely to become green, dry, coarse and prone to damage. The best way to prevent hair from becoming dry is by using moisturizing shampoos & conditioners.


Wishing you happy, healthy hair!

The Original Sprout Family