The Fall season signals new beginnings, the promise of cooler weather, and back-to-school routines. For kids and parents alike, the annual, pressing question remains: What am I going to be for Halloween this year?

As jack-o-lanterns begin to haunt the streets of your neighborhood and the poignant smell of Pumpkin Spice becomes completely unavoidable (not mad about it), it’s close to impossible to keep your family on a well-balanced and healthy routine. But don’t fear, we have 4 tips to help you and your family enjoy a happier and healthier Halloween.

  1. Balance: Everyone knows that candy is the absolute best part about Halloween. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or gummy candy obsessed, this holiday is sure to over-satisfy your sweet tooth. However, the key to keeping you and your family from falling into a sugar-induced coma is balance. It’s important to remember that trying to be healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up all the treats! One way to achieve a healthy balance is by portioning the candy overload with other snacks like fruits, veggies, pretzels or granola bars. Coming prepared with these healthy snacks will keep your little monsters from having a complete sugar-crazed meltdown later in the night. Another route to a healthy balance is remembering to fill up the family with a well-balanced dinner prior to the big night of trick-or-treating. A full tummy will prevent your children from over-indulging on sugary treats.
  1. Fun-size is still fun: Just because you’re trying to be healthier this Halloween does not, in any case, mean that you have to be the house that hands out colored pencils to trick-or-treaters! When picking out your candy of choice, opt for the fun-size candy. It’s lower in calories, fat, and sugar content and will even save you some money, as well! You also don’t need to over-do it on the handfuls either. Even when you’re feeling extra generous, remember to limit yourself to handing-out only 1 or 2 pieces to each trick-or-treater. Their parents and dentists will thank you!
  1. Choose makeup carefully: Being healthy is not just about what you put in your body, but also what you put on your body, as well. Studies in the past have shown that many of the popular face-paints and costume makeups contain lead, which is toxic for humans. Fortunately, there are now much safer choices on the market, such as Elegant Minerals and Natural Earth Paint . Read the ingredients carefully and apply the same standards you use when choosing an all-natural, paraben-free skin or hair care product for everyday use. Use mineral-based makeup as an alternative to heavy metals, and if you’re not sure if a product you’re using is safe, check the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetics database. This way, you’re always aware of what touches you and your family’s skin. Natural alternatives to makeup are a great solution, as well. Mix natural food coloring with corn syrup for the fake-blood on your thirsty vampire’s face, or cornstarch, flour and vegetable shortening for the spooky ghost or skeleton. Adding glitter to Original Sprout’s Natural Hair Gel is also a safe and fun way to transform your little one into a magical fairy or sparkly princess! Perhaps Mom has always had dreams of being a sparkly mermaid, too?
  1. Donate some goodies: Halloween is another great opportunity to teach your children a lesson about giving. Take some time to sort through their baskets of treats, separating them into a pile to keep and a pile to donate. Not only does this keep you from having a whole candy store in your pantry but it also teaches your children valuable lessons about sharing, caring, and being mindful of those who are less fortunate.

We at Original Sprout hope these tips help take some of the horror out of your holiday. From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and Happy Halloween! And always remember…treat yo’self!